The Work We Do

The Atuu Foundation has been working extremely hard at building connections over the past few years and is extremely happy to finally give people the opportunity to sponsor a child here in Ghana.   As we know education is the key to success regardless of your background however, not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance at having a good education or even an education at all due to multiple reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is down to poverty.  Many children have to drop out of school in search of food which is why we came up with an idea to try help lighten the load.  We decided that helping to sponsor a child having school meals would help – not only for them to stay in school, but could very well be their only meal throughout the entire day.

Donations to the Local Orphanage

The Atuu Foundation loves to bring smiles to children’s faces.  They are the future and should have the very basics at the beginning of their life if nothing else.

We send barrels of food, school equipment and medication to one of many orphanages in Ghana.
We kindly ask you to help us to continue to do this and help raise as many positive young people as possible.
In the picture adjacent is a list of all the supplies they need.

The Atuu Foundation is Birmingham based and are happy to collect or arrange a local drop off point to collect any of the items off of the list.

Thank you in advance and let us continue to make the world a better place.


Imagine being in a holding cell, waiting for your day in court not for a few days or weeks but years!

Then imagine that it was because you stole food because you were hungry?

Then picture your friends and family can’t bring you food because they are also struggling and the Government doesn’t have enough money to feed everyone, and then finally imagine being held in a small holding room with up to 20 other hungry men?

This is unfortunately the reality for some and some local police stations were kind enough to allow some of us into the police stations to safely give some of the remanded hot food to eat and hear some of their stories.

The Break Down Costs

Currently the English pound value is £1 to 7 Ghana cedi.
7 Ghana cedi is enough to pay for 1 meal and a bottle of water per day.

A child in Ghana goes to school for 215 days throughout the year meaning that it would be:

£215 to sponsor a child for a whole year
£107.50 to sponsor a child for 6 months
£53. 75 to sponsor a child for 3 months

We have also taken into consideration those that cannot afford to pay any of the full amounts in one transaction but want to help, so making a £20 per month donation to sponsor a child is also possible for however long you can afford.

Some of the children wear the same school uniform for more than one year and often wear their elder siblings pass-me-downs.  The cost of a school uniform is £10 for a girl child and £15 for a boy child.

This cost covers both the fabric and the workmanship of the uniform.

Every little helps guys and The Atuu Foundation can’t do it without your help.

The saying is true “it takes a village to raise a child” but no one said where the borders start or where the borders should end.