Our Collaborations

We are proud to be able to work with a number of individuals, organisations and charities both in the UK and in Ghana.

Currently we are working alongside Mr Benjamin Nargeh who runs The Royal Football & Soccor Academy in Ghana.  Benjamin specifically caters for young males that have had an extremely difficult life!

He created the project to take young boys off the streets that have been made orphans, been members of gangs and previously sold drugs all in order to survive.  He gives them a focus which is football and teaches them many skills through these activities.

There are currently 170 boys at this academy.  150 of these boys live on campus that Benjamin Natgeh has tried to provide for them.  The boys range from the ages of 7 up until the age of 23 and are in need of all the things that growing boys need!  This also includes clothing, food and education.

Benjamin Nargeh is looking for sponsors to help!  If you feel you are able to contribute you can contact Benjamin directly using the details provided or get in touch with us over on our Contact Us page.

To hear more about Benjamin's work take a look at our video below.

Benjamin Nargeh | The Royal Football & Soccor Academy

Benjamin Nargeh Founder of The Royal Football & Soccor Academy

Email:   royalbenac@gmail.com

Contact 1:   +233 242 623 963

Contact 2:   +233 207 000 756