Buy A Brick To Build A Legacy

The Atuu Foundation has created an initiative that has the potential to be nothing short of amazing and legendary.

An easy way to invest that has multiple benefits for our community not only here in the UK but globally and intergenerational.

How It Works

With the Buy a Brick to Build a Legacy initiative you simply purchase a brick, have your brick engraved and placed in its location, then the profit from your contribution will go towards the development of the Atuu Foundation which helps us to be independent, self-sufficient and run our projects the way that we want to run them instead of always relying on outside funding for the things that matter to us the most.

We want to be as transparent with our community as much as possible, and keep you up to date every step of the way including how much money was raised and where the funds will be spent.

For the first project, we will be using the funds to contribute towards a 26 seater bus for our up and coming programme ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’. If we are successful and able to sell 1000 bricks we can purchase a 26-seater bus outright that we can then use for all of the future projects to come.

Just imagine if selling 1,000 bricks enables us to buy our own 26 seater bus, all the other things that we can build together. I’M TALKING ABOUT BUILDING A KINGDOM FOR THE DIASPORA TOGETHER! Where every single person that contributed will have their name engraved on it.

It is something that people will be able to come and visit and see that somehow you was involved.

How To Get Involved

All you have to do is:

  1. Purchase a brick through one of our payment options
  2. Send us an email with proof of purchase along with the name you would like engraved, then let us do the rest.

Then we will:

  1. Send your order to our contact in Ghana who will then make your brick from scratch.
  2. Have it engraved.
  3. Send you a picture of your brick.
  4. Send you your certificate of acknowledgement.
  5. Send you your brick’s location once it has been placed in position.


For more enquiries please feel to email or contact Keili Bent on 07936 637 898.

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Thank you so much for all of your support in advance.

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