About the Foundation

The Atuu Foundation is not a solo movement, it is a platform that was created for us to work collectively as a people and make a difference within deprived communities in Africa, specifically Ghana.

The Atuu Foundation was created because the CEO and founder Keili Bent wanted to approach Charity a little different from what’s already been done!

The Atuu Foundation will focus on one specific village at a time for a period of 4-5 years as a starting point, rather than the usual generic approach where by donations get spread thin far and wide, this idea will enable the donators and all those that wish to follow this journey be able to watch the growth and progress that their contributions have made as it will be much easier to document.

We will be able to target and tackle specific challenges that need working on one at a time, and actually see these villages enjoy the things that we very often take for granted!

The village that we decided to work with first is a small village called Abene that is based in Kwawu.  It is located in the Eastern region of Ghana.

It is important for us to listen to the people, and we have asked the people in Abene what they would like to be tackled first!

They have asked for:
1)  child care fees to enable their women to be able to go back to work.
2)  Toilets as they all share a communal area that has no hygene or privacy.
3)  A library for the adults and children to learn.
4)  Food due to failed crops.
5)  Medication for the sick.

The main focus of The Atuu Foundation is for everyone to get involved, no contribution is too big or too small.

If you believe you can contribute anything at all to either projects we would be extremely grateful and please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any queries!


The Atuu Foundation